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1 small crude shelter used as a dwelling [syn: hovel, hut, hutch, shack]
2 a rhythmical work song originally sung by sailors [syn: chantey, chanty, sea chantey]

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Etymology 1

From chantier.


  1. An old run-down house or shack.
  1. In the context of "Australia|New Zealand": An unlicensed pub.
Derived terms


  1. Pejorative term used on early (mid 1800's), poor, Irish immigrants to USA
    That neighborhood is full of shanty Irishmen.

Etymology 2

From chantez, imperative of chanter.


  1. A sailor's work song.
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Nissen hut, Quonset hut, booth, box, cabin, caboose, camp, cot, cottage, crib, gatehouse, hut, hutch, kiosk, lean-to, lodge, outbuilding, outhouse, pavilion, sentry box, shack, shed, stall, tollbooth, tollhouse
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